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"I’m so lucky I found Weill Cornell Medicine. I came here and they made me feel so at ease. I really talked it through with the staff and researched and learned everything I could about it. And when I decided to donate, I knew it was the right choice for me."

Why Donate

Can you imagine being told that you would never be able to have children? Infertility affects several million women each year. Using the latest medical technology, some of these women can realize their dreams of having a family – but they cannot do it without you, the egg donor.

What our recipients say:

“There are so many ways that our lives as a couple, and now a family, have been enriched by the opportunity the donor provided for us. We were able to share the experience of a pregnancy and birth with each other, our families and friends- we are now proud parents of a beautiful baby boy who brings incredible joy into our lives every day. As the mother of a child born from a donor egg, I am personally very grateful to the woman who chose to share her reproductive potential. The donor's decision changed my life forever and made my hopes and wishes to have a child with my husband come true.”

“Even though we haven’t met you and will never meet you in person, we wanted to send you a little thank you for all you have done for us these past few weeks. We know what a commitment it is both physically and emotionally to go through the process of injections and monitoring, and we really appreciate what you've done to help us towards our goal of raising a family. You have a very kind and generous heart, and we wish you and your family all the best in happiness and success in years to come.”

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